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Find quality classic and modern books on nearly everything a suburban-urban-rural homestead or farm could need.

Farming can need books to read for success.

While I farm - raising beef cattle, chickens, a llama, some peacocks, a milch cow, some dogs and cats - my main "day job" is finding, editing, and publishing books.

While there are some great books coming out all the time, I've found that there are many more classic books which form the base for all these new ones. That's where I've spent some time lately, discovering the books which long ago gave solutions to our modern day on-farm problems. Particularly in the areas of sustainable and organic-based farming.

All are available as ebooks or hardcopy versions, with videos and courses coming as I can make the time to create them.

Here's a list, which will grow as we continue:

Beef Cattle

The Small Farm

Sustainable Living / Preparedness




Cooking and Recipes

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  1. Find me a book on controlling the squirrels and gophers that are eating my fruit. Thanks. E.