Friday, October 17, 2014

Farming Livestock Classic Now Re-published

Domestic Animals
by Richard L. Allen

Domestic Animals by Richard L. Allen - classic reference on farming livestock
The object of the following work, on the History, Breeding, Management, Diseases, &c., of Domestic Animals, is to afford the Stock-breeder and Grazier a connected view of the entire subject in which he has so deep an interest.

Their history is essential, as it shows their introduction into the United States, their progress during the various stages of their improvement, and the comparative value of the improved and ordinary breeds.

A knowledge of the best mode of breeding and management is of still higher importance. The first will enable the breeder to preserve the high character of the animals in his hands, or perhaps still farther to advance them; while proper management and feeding will prevent that deterioration and loss from disease, which frequently subtract so much from his profits

Feeding and management, after breeding, are really the important objects in view to the Stock-breeder and Grazier, for if these be judiciously attended to, disease among the herds will rarely be known.

The subject of animal diseases is complicated and little understood; and to be properly comprehended, requires years close, intelligent study, under every advantage for obtaining the necessary information.  All that can consistently be done, is to give a few simple remedies for the most common and well-known ailments, and leave to nature or a professional farrier, such as are more complex or unusual.

[From the first chapter]

This classic text has been made accessible as an overview of the many types of livestock - their feeding and care - which are becoming more popular these days. Whether you have a small acreage or many, livestock (even chickens) will help you make the lifestyle you want - healthy and stress-free.

There's also a special chapter included just on managing your dairy operation.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

While we build our backend, we wanted to give you some news...

(photocredit: Red Moon Sanctuary)

What's news to our cows they don't tell us about.

So it's our job to find and collect and tell it to you. Cows don't speak English, and they don't use the Internet (well, ours don't...)

Just in living and keeping track of things, there are useful stories which show up from time to time. These are interesting and mostly useful - as least the ones which interest us.

Running a working farm isn't a frenetic scene like you see on TV with all their shootings, and car chases, and "political malfeasance."

It's actually  pretty peaceful out here (as long as we keep the TV turned off.)

What you're probably more interested is in are things which improve your quality of life, which means the animals and plants that you raise grow more abundantly and your life gets simpler.

The news we'll be sharing are of this type. Stories we find that can help you live a simpler, more peaceful life - by working in harmony with Nature's Laws and living by the Golden Rule.

Simple stuff.

However, I've got a lot of work to do which doesn't show up right away. It's all that mess with servers, and bandwidth, and getting books ready for publishing. You won't see much change for a time.

But know that I'm stocking up my bookmarks daily with interesting stuff that's useful. As soon as I get all the construction dust cleaned up, then you'll start seeing this stuff show up for real.

For now - sign up for email updates to the upper right so you don't miss anything. (Or you can use the RSS feed if you're that geeky.)

See you again real soon...
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello World!

Just bringing you the news about rural, suburban, and even urban sustainable lifestyles.

On this blog, I hope to regularly update you with curated content about how you can live a safe, secure, and sustainable lifestyle - being prepared and eating healthy, natural diet.

Stay tuned...